A Faithful Man

March 14, 2008

During the days of the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) the following story took place.

A traveling man was passing by a small garden in his way. Exhausted from the vigorous desert he found a good clean shadowed spot and laid down in the cool breeze. But his camel strayed into the garden eating what ever comes in its way stepping over small vegetables and eating fruits in high trees. As the camel was doing what it does best the owner of the garden walked through the mess in shock. He hit the camel furiously and uncontrollably which caused its death.

The sleeping traveler woke up from the noise. When he saw the other man standing over his dead desert ride; he did not realize his actions until he was fighting with the gardener. It was a bloody fight that ended by the gardener’s death.

The Gardener’s tribe members rushed to the site and took hold of the traveler demanding justice. While they were arguing about the travelers request to go back to his tribe to leave his will and return to receive his punishment; while they were at this, Abu Hurayra, the Companion, heard the loud noises. Abu Hurayra stopped by asking what the argument was about. After Abu Hurayra realized the situation of the traveler being stranded in a strange land wanting to go back to his family to leave his will and may be say his goodbyes; he told the dead man’s relatives that he would grant the man’s return. Of course people honor Abu Hurayra’s word and graciously accepted his offer and they let the man in his way.

Many days later, the man did not return and the dead man’ family became restless. They went to Abu Hurayra asking him in concern how can he guarantee a strange man that he did not know and never seen before. Abu Hurayra said “So it is not said that people of grace are gone.” As he was saying that, the condemned man walked in. Now people are speechless; looking at a man that had his freedom in his hands and he gave away that freedom willingly by showing up again. They could not resist but to ask “What brought you back? We don’t know who you are or where you are from!” The man answered “So it is not said the people of Faithfulness are gone.” Amazed and humbled by what they just  witnessed of actions of great morality the relatives of the deceased said “And we forgive you and drop our right. So it is not said that people of Mercy are gone.”

This is how a single good deed can start a chain-reaction of other great actions. I hope from Allah that the reader may benefit from this and start as many good deeds as they are capable of. May Allah reward us all.


Your Wish Granted

March 6, 2008

Caliph caught up with Abu Hazem at Kaaba one day.

“Abu Hazem, ask for anything we will grant it for you!” the Caliph offered.

“I am bashful to ask from someone else at His Home.” Abu Hazem replied in great modesty.

After they left Mecca, the Caliph went to Abu Hazem making the same offer again.

“Abu Hazem, ask what you need.”

“Are you offering something of this world or the Hereafter?”

“The Hereafter is for Allah, it is not within my grasp. I am offering something you may need from this world.”

“Caliph, I did not ask worldly matters from Who owns it. How is possible to ask it from who does not own it?!”

A Mother of Nine Girls

March 4, 2008

A man passed away and was survived by his wife and nine girls. At his funeral people were wondering in sympathy how can she provide for her children and take care of them. She said to them with great faith “What I have known about my late husband that he was a consumer of Allah’s bounties, but was not the giver. The giver is always closer and always here!”

The Miracle of The Needle

March 2, 2008

During the ruling of Haroun Alrashid (Aaron the Upright) a man came to him saying that he have a miracle. Haroun told him to show the miracle. So the man pulls out a long needle and stick it in the floor. He gets out a bag full of needles and starts throwing them at the needle in the floor. Needle after needle they get attached to the longer one in the floor, its magnetic. After the man is done Haroun Al-Rashid said “give him 100 Dinars for his intelligence, and 20 whips for he wasted our time in something useless”.

Al Basry and The Backbiter

February 29, 2008

A man spoke to Hassan Al Basry backbiting another man which drove Al Basry to ask him these questions.

– “Did you contribute in opening Persian or Roman territories?” Hassan asked

– ”No.”

– “Was you part of North African missions?”

– “No.”

– “Did you participate in such and such battle?”

– “No.”

– “Strange! All the enemies of Islam did not suffer any hardship from you, but your Muslim brother is not safe from the harm of your tongue.” Al Hassan exclaimed.


Ropes of Kufa

February 29, 2008

For years in Kufa poor people during the night would find food and other necessities at there door steps. People never knew who wonders the night to give away fortune worth of supplies.

One day, Zain Alabedin Bin Ali, the grand son of Ali Ibn Abu Talib passed away. While preparing his body for its last home, people found scars and rope markings on his shoulders and around his neck from carrying heavy bags which he used to hide his charity. These how people of the good ages of Islam used to expend their selves for the sake of Allah.

Where Are You Going?

February 28, 2008

Ibn Masoud, one if the great companions of the Prophet, was walking down the street one day and he noticed people walking behind to follow him out of respect.

“Where are you going?!” he turned and asked. “We love you, Ibn Masoud” one answered.

Ibn Masoud said”This only humiliates the follower, and brings the followed arrogance”.