Blog Mission Statement

My intention is to translate Dr. Abdelkafy’s words to its exact meanings in English. Insha’ Allah, I will not publish any posts until it is approved by Dr. Abdelkafy himself; so by my limited knowledge I do not miss interpret a meaning Dr. Abdelkafy wants to deliver.

Being a native Arabic speaker my self enables me to enjoy listening to and reading Dr. Abdelkafy’s TV programs and articles. He has a gift of polishing our mirrors so we can clearly reflect Islam on our daily lives.

More than often Dr. Abdelkafy uses metaphors and phrases that are clear and understandable in Arabic, but some phrases may loose the intended meaning in literal translation. Surely, English phrases used in translations will be understandable and applicable for all English speakers. Since I live in the Western World my self, The United States, insha’ Allah I will be able present translations in a non-foreign way to readers.

Again, my motive and sole intention by providing this blog is to deliver some of Dr. Abdelkafy’s knowledge and thoughts to the Non-Arabic Muslim Internet users. I have met so many Muslims that do not speak Arabic natively and I saw their struggle and devotion to understand Islam from its Arabic sources. I would like to thank them and show them my appreciation by presenting them few words that I enjoy in English.

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