About Dr. Omar Abdelkafy


Dr. Omar Abdelkafy was born in Almenia, Upper Egypt on May 1, 1951. He memorized the Holy Quran completely when he was ten years old. Dr. Abdelkafy also memorized, by the help of his professors, he memorized Sahih Albukhary and Muslim with full references. Dr. Abdelkafy studied Islamic Theology and Arabic Linguistics from honorable scholars and respectable teachers. He started serving the Islamic Dawah on the year 1972.

Dr. Omar Abdelkafy academic achievements include:
• Bachelors degree in Agricultural Science
• License (Bachelors) degree of Arabic and Islamic Studies
• Masters degree of Comparative Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence).

His current positions:
• A member of Judges Committee for the World Association of Muslim Scholars.
• A member of Dubai International Award for the Holy Quran.
• The director of the Quranic Studies Center associated with Dubai International Award for the Holy Qura.
• A member of the Islamic Fiqh Academy, India.

Some of his programs:
• The Hereafter (Al Dar Al Akherah)
• Explanation of Sahih Albukhary
• The Prophet’s Biography (Al seerah Al Nabaweyah)
• The History of Prophets (Qasas Al Anbya’)
• The Best of The Best (Safwat Al Safwah)
• The True Promise (Al Wad Al Haq)
• The Pure Spring (Al Nab’ Al Safi)


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