Your Wish Granted

Caliph caught up with Abu Hazem at Kaaba one day.

“Abu Hazem, ask for anything we will grant it for you!” the Caliph offered.

“I am bashful to ask from someone else at His Home.” Abu Hazem replied in great modesty.

After they left Mecca, the Caliph went to Abu Hazem making the same offer again.

“Abu Hazem, ask what you need.”

“Are you offering something of this world or the Hereafter?”

“The Hereafter is for Allah, it is not within my grasp. I am offering something you may need from this world.”

“Caliph, I did not ask worldly matters from Who owns it. How is possible to ask it from who does not own it?!”


One Response to Your Wish Granted

  1. This is the mentality people had in the great days of Islam. A Caliph wants to please a scholar and a scholar turning his back to the world and only observing Allah. This is what caused by making the material world a tool not a target.

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