Al Basry and The Backbiter

February 29, 2008

A man spoke to Hassan Al Basry backbiting another man which drove Al Basry to ask him these questions.

– “Did you contribute in opening Persian or Roman territories?” Hassan asked

– ”No.”

– “Was you part of North African missions?”

– “No.”

– “Did you participate in such and such battle?”

– “No.”

– “Strange! All the enemies of Islam did not suffer any hardship from you, but your Muslim brother is not safe from the harm of your tongue.” Al Hassan exclaimed.



Ropes of Kufa

February 29, 2008

For years in Kufa poor people during the night would find food and other necessities at there door steps. People never knew who wonders the night to give away fortune worth of supplies.

One day, Zain Alabedin Bin Ali, the grand son of Ali Ibn Abu Talib passed away. While preparing his body for its last home, people found scars and rope markings on his shoulders and around his neck from carrying heavy bags which he used to hide his charity. These how people of the good ages of Islam used to expend their selves for the sake of Allah.

Where Are You Going?

February 28, 2008

Ibn Masoud, one if the great companions of the Prophet, was walking down the street one day and he noticed people walking behind to follow him out of respect.

“Where are you going?!” he turned and asked. “We love you, Ibn Masoud” one answered.

Ibn Masoud said”This only humiliates the follower, and brings the followed arrogance”.

Blog Status: Longer Wait

February 28, 2008

It is taking longer than I thought to get in touch with Dr. Abdelkafy. So as we wait, insha’ Allah I will translate some the exquisite stories we hear from Dr. Abdelkafy in his TV shows.
Dr. Abdelkafy usually uses stories to add excitement to the subject and attract watchers attention. These stories involve The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), his companions, or any other great characters from the Islamic and Arabic history.

Blog Status: Awating Review

February 28, 2008

Currently, we are waiting for the blog to be review and In Sha’ Allah accepted. A significant amount has been translated and will be submitted to be reviewed then In Sha’ Allah approved to be posted.